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Saturday, May 7, 2011

ummi :)

-matlutfi's video...-

Assalamu'alaikum sahabat2,

"Bestnyo kalu mok kito wat air oren ko kito....."

"Ummi, minum milo ais best sangat time study....."

These are the dialogs that I've always used to my mother when I was having examination and studying my books . When I was under a stressful condition with study,revision and so on, the person that I love to turn to is my mother . Why ? Cause she is my mother :)
When those words above came out from my mouth, she didn't give any response at all, neither giving a smile, she just walked away, went to the kitchen and made something there . And eventually she came to me with orange juice or milo ice . I really like those both drinks ! ^^ But, the important was they were made by my mother's hands .
Yup, a mother really really really knows her own daughter . During the "free holiday" that my friends and I got due to the Egypt's revolution, and I was at home, doing revision on the books that I brought from Egypt . When I studied, suddenly she came and gave me a plate of varies fruits . Sometimes she came with milo ice ( my favourite !) even I didn't request anything from her . Heee ~~~ :D
I also remembered, last year, I was stress studying Physiology subject for my final examination . Guys, I admit it, for me Physiology is the hardest subject for me . Okay, at that time, I was really stress . I was only able to scream in my heart as I'm sharing room with my roommate (Aina Farhana) and I mustn't disturb her study by screaming . Then, I told her that I was very stress .
Guess what ? She told me, "telefon la mak kak huda sat ."
Yes, I followed her advice . I called my mother .

"Bakpo yun call ummi ? Ado gapo2 ko?"
"Err takdok lah, sajo2..."
"Hehe rindu ummi la tu...."

* Blushing, blushing *

"Rindu laaa nie...ummi, doakan yun boleh buat deh..."
"Ummi slalu doakan untuk anok2..."

Yup, Aina's suggestion was really good for me. I was better and I refreshed my spirit back to continue my study . Then I opened back my Physiology's book again.... :)

Nothing much I wanna say,
Every persons has their best own mom,
And me too !
I do have the best mom ever too .
you light up my heart,
not neither by sun nor the moon,
cause you shine by your own love,
it reflects my heart,
upon on my whole soul .
forgive me cause I know,
I'm your big naughty girl,
but how naughty I was,
you feel grateful for having me,
I love you,
but you love me more and more and more,
and it is countless,
it is unable to be counted,
cause a love from a mother,
is too worthy... :)

Happy mother's day ummi, and everyday is mother's days ~~

Wallahu'alam....wassalam . :)

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