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Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first class~biochemistry

Assalamualaikum antum~

"utlub al-ilmu walau kaana bi-Sin"

Nothing much I want to write for this time.
I only want to announce that tomorrow will the first day of my class for medicine faculty at Zagazig University.

Actually I'm a little bit nervous because I don't know if I can adapt with new environment,moreover,my lecturer is a foreign race for me as a Malay,which is an Arabiyan.But we'll use English language in class.He3~

Anyway,even it's new for me,I think it'll more to be my exprience in my life.InsyaAllah.But for this moment I can't say anything how the lectures will perform in teaching us.InsyaAllah if I have free time I'll tell to antum.
And,according to the seniors,the lectures who is originally Arabic people,are very good and they have sharp mind 'till they able to memorize about their students who are like that or like this.
So don't mess up with them yaaa~

Thus,may Allah open up my friends and I heart to receive His knowledge and give sharp mind to memorize what we learn.May Allah's pleasure and blessing always be with us amin..
Okay,that's all for now.InsyaAllah mumtaz and najah will be ours(muslims) amin..
Assalamualaikum :-)

p/s~tomorrow will be Biochemistry class:-)

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lead me to jannah

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a path to jannah

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