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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lost and a Hikmah in Egypt

Assalamualaikum minna-san~
Today I'm very happy and feel grateful to Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Powerful.I can't throw any word to express this feeling but because I really want to share this story with all of you,may Allah ease me to write for this entry.Amin..

Okay,the story begun when my housemates(fatin,zafirah,hadfizah,aina,azyan and akasha)and I went to Mahatoh for buying tables.But the amount of the tables didn't much for us so we took ride to Qoumiyah.Furthermore,lot of shops didn't open at that time because it was Friday.

When we reached Qoumiyah,we stopped at the wrong place!
"Oh no!We've got the wrong trenko!"
Only Allah knows how worried we were when we didn't know where we wanted to heading towards. At that time I surrendered all my tawakkal and really hoped miracle from Allah may happen to save from this critical situation.Can you imagine how we want to survive at unknown place and unknown road?

Suddenly,an Arabian girl approached us and asked us are we tourists or students here.And I answered we are Zagazig University students for Kuliyyah Tibb.Then she smiled.
We asked her where are the mousqe at Mubarah.At first we seem couldn't picture the road that she potrayed.Then we asked where are the Rock Chicken?Because we know how to go back to Mahatoh if we found RC.

Then,she brought also her mother to show the RC.I kept asking them did they really know the place.They answered yes confirmly.So,we went through the path which were very alien to us...

After we across a branch of Nil River,we saw KFC which located at Mahatoh.How happy and glad we were at that moment,because we really recognized roads there.It's okay we didn't reach the real Rock Chicken at least we were at the place we know.

Before we went apart,split from those both kind Arabian Nisa',the mother who named Mahadhiah and a Lughah teacher at a madrasah,she adviced us that hold tide our hand bags and money.She almost want to give us money because she afraid that we didn't have enough money.But we refused politely because they were really kind!May Allah bless them.Oh,I forget the girl's name is Eya and she is 13 years old.

After we finish our meal at KFC,Eya came back and accompanied us for shopping at Mahatoh.Subahanallah!How kind she are!
And..we had to go back home.We didn't miss to save her phone number and snapped a picture with her.How sweet she are!

And when we were at home,I was so excited because she called my phone and asked me were we already at home or not.And It was so touching when she said that "uhubbukum and I miss you".

Well friend,there's a ray behind silver cloude.Alhamdulillah and give thanks to Allah for saving us,sending us a companion and giving us an Arabian,nicest friend.Alhamdulillah...

So,that's all my freinds.May Allah bless our ukhwah and this brotherhood among muslims.Amin.

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lead me to jannah

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