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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Assalamualaikum antum~
Kaifahalukum?Atamanna antum fi ri'ayatillah wa fi barakallah.Okay2 we speak in english for this time.

For this entry,I realise that a word that rarely to be a routine when want to make promise with people and a thing that we want to do in future.What is the word?It is 'insyaAllah'.

"Would you come tonight?"
"Laa..don't say like that laa.Seem that you won't come."
"Just say you promise to come."

I start to wonder what's wrong with the word of InsyaAllah.Does its content says 'with the permission of Allah'?
In whatever we plan to do will be going smoothly when Allah permise the work.

One day,i watched Qamar Bani Hasyim,a tv seriel which broadcasted at Astro Oasis.In one of the episodes storied a conversation between Rasulullah Pbuh and Quraisy people.The Quraisy asked him for questions and Rasulullah said,"Okay I'll come tomorrow.
However,Gibrael didn't come on the next day to convey the answers from Allah.After several days,the angel came and Rasulullah quickly asked,"why do you late"?
Then Gibrael replied,"Allah never forget for a single thing..but this is reminder if you want to make promise,you must say InsyaAllah."

All sohabat,
See,how important for us as muslim to say InsyaAllah.Thus,don't judge people who say InsyaAllah can't be trusted.But don't abuse this word.This is such a divine word so use it for the right purpose.
And one more,it also a sign that we surrender our tawakkal to Allah for tomorrow's plan.It's because we have limit knowledge to know what will happen tomorrow.It's all under His Knowledgement and Powerness.

Okay,I think that's all for now.InsyaAllah if I have pleasure and free time,I'll go on to type more entries for my blog.
May Allah have mercy on us.Amin.

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lead me to jannah

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