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Monday, September 7, 2009

Me and My Family(^_~)


Assalamualaikum minna-san~

This is the latest my family's pictures for this year.We've to snap our Raya's photos too early for the 'Eid Fitri because of me.I'll fly from Malaysia to Egypt on this 15th September2009 for some reasons.Thus,my family decided that we would have our picture early compared to the past years.Hehe actually this is okay for me.At least I can bring this picture to Egypt,insyaAllah.

Our theme for this year is GREEN!!For the past years we'd done our theme with blue+purple in colour......and yellowish.So,we decided to choose green as our theme.^_~

Okay...I think that's all for now.O Allah,bless our family and unite our relationship with Your Love and Care.Amin...

I really love all of you,ummi,ayah and Loh~
Ana musytaq ilaikum.


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lead me to jannah

lead me to jannah

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a path to jannah

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