Selamat datang ke bLog saya yang tak seberapa ini.Jika ingin kongsi sesuatu yang berfaedah,silakan.Cuma harap viewers tahu bhwa bLog ini cumalah sekadar yang ingin saya kongsi dari hati kecil saya dan jika saya punya ruang waktu,saya akan berkongsi artikel yang bermanfaat.So..enjoy=)

Monday, February 8, 2010

..:: Y O U ::..


You come to my side
Shining all the light
When I'm stuck at the night
Now I can see the bright..

You come to my heart
Curve it a all part
For reminding me paradise
Which is the only prize..

You touch my soul
When my age's getting old
Through this brief way
I stand strongly and always pray..

You are part of my life
And I'll go on to strive
Reaching pleasure which is the most greatest
From Allah whom I really trust..

~Dedicated to people who always support me.
Thank you and may Allah have mercy on you..

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lead me to jannah

lead me to jannah

a path to jannah

a path to jannah

.::halwa telinga::.