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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final...fantasy, nope, it's reality ! :)

Assalamu'alaikum sahabat2...

Finally, it comes out....this 'precious' thing is so so so so important . And after seeing this schedule, it seems the time will move very fast, and more more more pages of books have to be understood, read and memorized .
Yes, something miracle is enclosed within this schedule . All the activity of reading, revising, writing and so on, must be summed up . :)

But anyhow, please do pray for us, who're going to take this final examination . And pray for all of us, for all Muslims, may Allah bestow us His endless Blessing on everything works that we do .

Thus, let's strive hard and smart, so that our effort will be worthy, and may success will be shining for here and hereafter . InsyaAllah . :)
Wallahu'alam...wassalam .

p/s : sangat nervous ! ^_^" umi,ayah,loh...pray for me :)

p/s2 : oh !! it's someone's birthday on 16th July :) Hehehe...

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lead me to jannah

lead me to jannah

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a path to jannah

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