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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Assalamualaikum minna-san~
Ima genki desuka?
I hope that all of you are shihah and always under His care and love.Amin..

Nothing much I want to say for this entry but somehow i only want to emphasize about our obligation in our life.

As we are bornt,out from mother's womb,we are counted to be caliph in our brief life.
When I was young,I really didn't know what is 'amanah' about since I only know the thing that I have to do on what'd been asked without knowing why I had to this and that.

But,somehow,when I start to grow up,various things come to my life.Lot of orders are being introduced,which are do's and dont's.
Sometime I ask myself WHY?
Why I have to do this and that?

There's someone has told me,imagine that,in people's life there is no obligation to be done.What about the world?Would it be as peace as it has to be since no one to conserve and preserve it?What about ourself?Will we be united as no one to concern to each other?

So,that's why obligation is a vital thing in this life.
Obligation means that our responsiblity on thing that we are responsible to hold it.The main obligation that we have to obey and not to be forgotten is as Allah's servant.We are muslim and we embrace Islam as our religion,so we have to follow and obey the laws of Allah.
So,everyone of us holds the caliph's responsiblity 'till the end of life.

Next,as son or daughter followed by the title of 'soleh/solehah' to our parents.I'm sure that antum notice that in Quran Kareem asks us to obey our parents as long as it's still in syariah's line.
We are being ordered to be polite with them either in talking or manner that we show to them.

Besides,we are as 'sahabat' to our friends.A good friend is who always do the concept of amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar.He/she doesn't hestitate to tell what is haq and what is batil.
But be careful,when we want to advise our friends,use right way or full with hikmah talking so that our friends will receive with open heart.InsyaAllah.

So friends,that's all the obligation that I can write through this blog.If you want to top up the list,I'm honoured to receive it.

Okay,hope Allah ease our works in our daily life and may we gain His pleasure.Amin.

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lead me to jannah

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