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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bismillahi tawakkaltu...

Assalamu'alaikum my sahabas..

Alhamdulillah,a very great grateful I thank to Him,by His will,my friends and I have finished written examination for Anatomy.Alhamdulillah,He also gives me strength to make a step and to hold the pencil so that I could write and answer what had been questioned in the examination.At the moment,when the examination guardian started to distribute the question paper.I was so nervous,why?Because all the time,I'm afraid that I couldn't recall back what I've read and what I've revised.
I've put myself under lacking confidence because the anxiety feeling had conquered my heart.Lubb dupp,lubb was beating very fast.I raised my hand and made a prayer,a prayer that was taught by my Anatomy practical doctor,Dr.Manal.The du'a says that everything can be easy by His will and He,who,makes difficult things turn easy..insyaAllah.And the examination began....all I put then was tawakkal to Allah.

About at 1 o'clock,the examination ended to its termination duration.My answer's paper had been passed up but all I said in my heart was"...bismillahi tawakkaltu 'ala Allah...I've done my effort,then the remain I surrender to Allah..."After finishing the examination,I can saw many reactions of my friends.Some of them just smiled and some of them were asking to each other,"how's the exam?".I'm also the lucky one who has been asked the question,even a friend of mine in Malaysia (Najibah) asked me the same question.I'm also the one who don't miss to ask this question too...because it's a norm situation after the examination.
But,as I said in my previous entry,all I can say is alhamdulillah...because whatever has happened I thank to Allah and for me,let face for the next examination (even,actually,I still can feel the anxiety feeling) .

Dear friends,the day before the examination's day,my 2nd year seniors dropped by to my house,just wanted to visit us.They reminded us that,never loose hope in Allah and put your tawakkal to Him.Even,you feel down with your exam,just don't give up in praying and make a relationship,as best as you can,with Him.
Their advice really inspired me because we have performed the best that we can do and put the rest to Him because only He knows how much the effort that we've put and He knows the best for us.Set in your mind all the time,which hang your tawakkal as high as the sky and as wide as the ocean...why do I really emphasize about tawakkal?

First of all,everything originally comes from Allah.Whatever result that we are going to gain either it's good or not,only He knows.Ok,let's put this in simple example.If one day,when we succes,but before we never put the faith in Allah.It will make us being arrogant to people,and furthermore to someone who is more greater than greatest.Na'uzubillah..may this will not happen.
So,the hikmah (benefit) by putting our tawakkal is it shows our modesty in front of Allah,who is the most Almighty and the most Gracious.

Last night,I've received a sms from my father.He said,"A warrior is 'one who conquers oneself'.Place your hand on your heart and say,'I am bigger than any problems,I can handle any problems'.Touch your head and say,'I have a millionaire mind!'".
This message really throws me out from my world in nick of time to think back that we must hold to positive thinking,and also positive feeling!Never let the depression and frustration stretching over your feeling because they might drive you to failure.
Reaching for something higher,you've to climb the ladders first,but at the same time create a wise plan because a plan makes someone to be more discipline in his/her 'climbing'.
In boosting my spirit,I always remember when I was in Malaysia,before facing the examination,my father always shouted to me,"Bakusi berjaya!Bakusi berjaya!".To be honest (I'm sorry ayah...) I was shaking my head and said,"err....".But somehow,when I'm in Egypt,I really miss with that.Even I don't know what is the meaning of 'Bakusi',but I know,my father wants to put my spirit as high as he could and be ready with the trial!Actually,this words were taken when my father and my brother(when he was very young) watching an army story.The army always shouted 'Bakusi berjaya' to raise their spirit.

So my dearest sahabas,

Hold your faith tightly to Allah and always do prayer so that we are always stay close to Him,insyaAllah.Ok,that's all from me.May Allah reward us with success in our life and also in Hereafter.May His Jannah,be rewarded by Him insyaAllah.
Bi taufiq wa najah to all my friends and hope we will gain our result with flying colour amin.


(p/s : let's face the oral exam 'pulok' ) =)

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