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Monday, May 24, 2010

Discover by learning

Assalamu'alaikum everyone and my beloved friends..

Alhamdulillah,a very thankful and all praises to Allah,who wisely plans our journey and never done any mistake,moreover He,who,never sleeps or forgets any single matter even it is as small as molecule,or even smaller than that.In Quran says,which its meaning is every single leaves fall down,He never ever fail to discover about it.What does it mean?It means that,He knows everything what has been happened in past,or present or even in future!Subahanallah,all praises to Him.
Ok,but what I really emphasize in this entry is alhamdulillah,my friends and I have settled our exam for Anatomy section.We've done all the practical,oral dan written examinations.
And just now,we've finished our oral examination and thanks to Him because all things went smoothly.

Dear my friends,do you know what I get from learning Anatomy?
Husshh..for the first time,I remember it was really good and I did have much time to memorize it.But...later,out of blue,it drove me crazy for a while.I never imagined that how could I to memorize 5 books(these are just for Anatomy,not including the other subjects) and how did I to manage to keep contact with it.Allahuakbar...I only surrender everything to Allah and at the same I always hoped that he would give me way and guide in studying Anatomy.
But somehow,one day,my Anatomy lecturer said that,as we had a test on bones (e.g,scapula,humerus,etc..),"you cannot memorize all the bones properly if you don't study and memorize without touching the bones".
This could give me idea,which is,always 'scan' your body.By what?By magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)??Hehe..of course not because it might take cost and did I have to fit its large size to my small house?Alhamdulillah...Allah gives me a way to memorize Anatomy is via imagination.How does it work?

Ok,I make an easy example and I take liver as for it.Liver is the largest internal organ in our precious body.And it only lies at the right side of the body in the abdominal part.So it makes relation with other structures and from there,your mind can start to draw it and its surrounding structures.That's how your imagination would arise.But,some things are hard for me to be imagined such as sympathetics chain and others.So,the conclusion is understanding them well so then you could memorize them.InsyaAllah..may Allah ease that for us...

Allah has said in His holy Quran which is the signs of His greatness and His truly wisdom by watching and going through His beautiful creations.Subahanallah!We'll find how all the truth belongs to Him and these perfect creations truly can't be compared and copied by anyone.Furthermore,all those signs can be discovered through your own body.For example,how a zygote can be produced and how does it develops,and if you find out how,Subahanallah,it's done by perfect,good arrangement and steps.

Okay,I think that's all for now.Learning in improving our knowledge is not a wasteful effort but it's a good step to know the Creator and keep our worshipness to Him.May Allah ease us in seeking His much plenty knowledge and of course,His pleasure.InsyaAllah..

Wallahu'alam...wassalam. =)

p/s : ok,it's time for Biochemistry ! Study smart my friends! Bitaufiq wa najah =)

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