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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's About Iman Dear ! :)


"Do we must wear 'tudung labuh' (long veil that can cover from your head to under your chest) in Egypt ?"

I've been asked this such question when I was struggling my first year, last year in Egypt. Honestly my dear friends, I really like to say 'yes' as my answer. But, my 'yes' answer seems that I force people (muslimah) to wear that 'tudung labuh'. Well, actually, my answer goes to deep meaning. So I just said that it's up to us to choose it. Wearing veil is not based on where our feet step on but it's according to our iman (faith) to Allah swt. So, ask your iman about it.

Egypt is the country that fulfilled by 'dirasat' students or students who take religion course whom coming from various country as Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand and others...and of course from the local resident itself. So we will see a picture of them who wearing 'kopiah','serban' and 'tudung labuh' but there are still some of them (for male students) who are wearing jeans and T-shirt as they like simple clothes to put on. Well,that's the choice that they decide and one more time,it's up to you. Ask your iman.
But, that 'tudung labuh' is not also wore by dirasat female students only, so do medical students. In addition, some of the medical students are wearing 'niqab' for certain reasons. So this so what we call people's choice.

Back to our topic,do we really have to wear 'tudung labuh' and why did I state yes as my answer. My dear friends, Allah is watching on us everywhere and He can see all the things that we do and what we don't. What we wear,what we eat,what we write and of course what we have kept in our heart. In Quran Kareem said that our Lord the Almighty knows every single leaves falls from tree.As conclusion, He knows everything,from little thing until the biggest matter in this world.
What is the relation? Okay,just leave that 'tudung labuh' aside and focus to what has been said by Islam that Muslim and Muslimah are mandatory to cover their 'aurat. Why we have to ? This is the sign that we obey to our Lord. Whenever,in Malaysia or Egypt or USA or Japan or Europe or even in deep jungle we still have to wear what has been told by Islam and it's the sign of syari'ah. And for me,'tudung labuh' is just a cloth that facilitate muslimah to cover their 'aurat easily and it follows the line of syari'ah. But, it doesn't mean that you have to put on it, because it's just a choice and you still can wear 'tudung bidang besar' (sorry, I don't know its English name) as long as the veil and the clothes that you wear is not thin,small,fit and others. Wear based on Islam because it is the way of life that bring you closer to Allah.

So my friends, what I want to emphasize here is we have to cover our 'aurat everywhere and anywhere we go. Yes I know that maybe some of us just doubt what clothes that suitable to be wore in certain place.Playing games or sport, we still have to cover 'aurat. So think wisely and logically based on our Iman and Islam. InsyaAllah, Allah will lead us the way. Amin.

So that's all for now. Please accept my apologize if my words hurt the readers' heart. But we have to know, "Qul al-haq wa-lau kana mirran", which means that "Say the truth even it is bitter."
Wallahu'alam....wassalam. :)

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