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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Great Hope

"Congratulation sir!You've got a daughter.She's really cute,"said a nurse,smiling to a father.Yet,the father couldn't express any word except 'Alhamdulillah'.Soon,an 'iqamat' fulfill every space of the mother's ward.The mother,never stopped and gave up from smiling,even she was really exhausted,after gaving birth a baby.
Well,this is my imagination when a mother gives birth.I don't know is it happens accurately as I wrote above but perhaps it's true.

Do you ever thought that when a mother receives a suprisingly news that she is pregnant?I guarentee that she starts to think more often about a new 'life' in her life.Can you imagine there is another soul in your body?The mother have to carry it along her life within 9 months until 'the day' comes.And have you realized all the 9 months actually she's not only carry a fetus who soon becomes a baby,she also carries a hope which is on top of mountain.Her dream and faith to her kid beyond the limit of time.She's not only see the present,but the future really appraoches her hope.That's how a mother be patient and can withstand all challenges in continuing her hardship as her deepest heart stretching a happiness which cannot be potrayed by anybody.

What about a father?Does he keep a hope too?The answer is yes.When a baby is gaven birth,out from the mother's womb,the father quickly does the iqamat,hoping that one day the baby whose he sees today,will become a responsible caliph for the ummah.

Actually what I've written above is something that I want to remind myself that my parent has a hope,lightens up their journey 'till the end.I cannot list down the hope since I,myself cannot understand what they want from me.Only Allah knows,what has been kept in each heart.And I really hope that what I do,whether for past,present and in future,insyaAllah it will make my parent smile and said,"Syukr!That's our girl.Alhamdulillah!"

Hajah Zaiton & Haji Shukry

Akhirul kalam...ummi and ayah,bless me and pray for my success.Thank you for your kindness and love that never fade away.May Allah reward them all.Amin.



lead me to jannah

lead me to jannah

a path to jannah

a path to jannah

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