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Saturday, March 26, 2011

.:: SHE ::.

Assalamua'laikum sahabat2,

Last few days, the SPM result came out and I know and of course, normally students who took the examination would be so nervous and anxious to find out the result of their effort . A very big fat congratulation for those who got flying color, yet you could color your future more brightly, insyaAllah . And those who are not very lucky, insyaAllah there will be another chances that Allah would bestow to you, it is only not for this time . But, yet, you still could prepare the color of your next path . May Allah ease all of your works .
But somehow, for this entry, I don't actually want to emphasize about this SPM results . I would like to story about a girl, and she is my cousin . A decade years ago, when we both were young, I always played with her e.g, dolls, mainan masak2, cikgu2......and so on . Hehe, what a precious memory ! And as we've grown up, absolutely, we had left our beloved "activity" . And for this year, she is the one of SPM'10 students and already obtained her result . For me, her result is quite good, nope, very good !! I didn't ask her directly about her result, I only knew it from my mother in Malaysia . And I could imagine how the conversation went through between my mother and my auntie . I really could sense and read the way both of them talk . :) (power tak ? hehe kidding) . But I don't think it is necessary to put here .
Her result is not straight A's but yet, not so few A's . People might say "it was quite good....." or "bolehlaaa..terer gak !" Just A's and B's, without C or D or E or G or F or...(err terlebih sudah) . But for me her result is very good ! Why ?

My mother had told me about her, before the examination, she would like to have an extra tuition . Perhaps, it might good for herself to gain more knowledge out from school atmosphere . But unfortunately, things didn't happen as what she wished for . Her mother couldn't pay for two tuition payments as her brother needed it too . Then, she just let it go, by giving chance to her brother . Thus, she only went for extra class that had been held at her school . During her long vacation, after completed SPM, she said her to mother something, about her future .
Guess what ?

"If I gain good result, I won't further my study in university .
I only would like to enter Form 6 at my school for the sake of my brothers and sister .
I could teach and give them lesson while I'm here (house) ."

What a good eldest child in family ! She dare and willingly to sacrifice her dream, by not going to university, just for to ensure her siblings could get better education . And right now, after getting the result, I'm not really sure about her choice . According to my mother, she would like to enter 'maktab' to become a teacher . And, I think I agree with that . Perhaps, it is a way or chance for her to teach, not only her siblings, but for the entire ummah, insyaAllah ! :) May Allah shower down His blessing upon whatever course that she might choose .

I remembered too, during the 'Eid Adha, I came back to Malaysia and went to her house, stayed for two days . I could see the way she studied . She didn't study by sitting on chair, in front of right square study table, like I do in Egypt or even when I was in my secondary school . She only sat on a mattress and opened her books, studied on it . Even the idiot box (TV) was switched on by her siblings in front of her, it really, 100%, didn't bother her study . All I could see was......she read, studied, wrote, revised, studied, read............and so on . Masha Allah...


Why did I mention about her in my entry ? There's something I could gain and learn from her life . Even, she's younger than me, but because of her maturity in facing life, I'm interested to follow up her news . Yes, maybe she is my cousin, but the most important is, for me, she is a very good daughter for her parents and a very nice girl for people, and last but last not least, a very gentle sister for her siblings . Subahanallah.... :)

And, I think, this is my last entry for this month and perhaps I may rarely to update my blog (MAYBE) because my final examination is not postponed, so that's means it will be two months more . Ouh, it's really around the corner, as the time is clicking and moving very fast nowadays . A second is so precious and valuable . As said in Arabic's proverb, time is just like a knife . If we don't cut it, then we will be cut ! So, do appreciate our time and our life . As long as we are still alive, there's still hope :) cewah !

Okay, that's all for my 'bebel' . Pray for all of us, all Muslims, so that our works will be blessed and we'll be grant a reward, which is His jannah . Amin...
Wallau'alam...wassalam . :)

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