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Thursday, December 24, 2009

.::be patient medical students::.


"Oh no,how I'm going to memorize all these things!"

"All the nerves,veins and all these stuffs!Arrggh..what a pain!"

All these monologes always huntered me before I entered the world of medical students.The thing I always imagined,when I made decision to take challange in this kind of life,is my brain would be stucked with all kind of body's things!
And..somehow,when I made a first step in this journey life,I felt like I was the useless who really brave to take something that I couldn't withstand.

Everyday,every minutes,I had to do my revision and memorized all what had been tought in the lecture room and what the doctor said.Arrggh..only Allah knows how terrible I was and sometime I asked,'why am I choosing this path??'. day,I read al-Quran and coincidentally I read an 'ayat' which its meaning is,
'Dan berjihadlah kamu di jalan Allah dengan jihad yang sebenar-benarnya.Dia telah memilih kamu,dan Dia tidak menjadikan kesukaran untukmu dalam agama...(ila akhiril ayat)

I'm not so good in translating(mentafsir) al-Quran since I know that I don't have enough knowledge to do that,but what I've got from this is I have declared myself to choose this course because of Allah's pleasure and parallel to my purpose which is to help people.So,why did I neglect so much on the path that I've chosen?
I take deep breath and realize that I suppose to be grateful because being chosen as medical student.At least,I could discover what is flowing underneath the skin,how can a message can be passed through this nerves,how can paralysis occur,what muscle support our movement and many more!Subahanallah..

"..Mahasuci Allah,Pencipta yang paling baik."

Words From A Friend
"How grateful I am..."said my friend,Aina(ahli bait).

"Why??"I asked.

" lucky we are because Allah created the nerves either right or left,they are same in structure,course..etc..."
(as that day we had examination 'bout nerves).

Subahanallah!Her words really made sense and they totally made me think that Allah always eases our work even basically it seems so hard to be done.
Imagine that the radial artery at left side is totally different with the right side?Ouh...I'm sure that we've got high fever to memorize about it.
So praise be to Allah..Alhamdulillah..

A sacrification for a big reward
So fellow friends,especially who take medical,I know that I have no right to say this,since I'm still a first year student and do not have enough experience to be shared with all of you..but bare this in your mind,all the sacrification to seek knowledge which is belonged to Allah,won't give any wasteful thing in our life..furthermore Allah will raise up the dignity for those who are seeking knowledge.

So whatever courses or streams that we take,please think good sides of them.
And of course for medical,be patient in becoming a najah doctor,not only for the physical body but also for the spirit aspect.

That's all for now.

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lead me to jannah

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a path to jannah

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