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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For those who I love...

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,my sohabat and sohabiah.

I think it's been a long time,I guess,that I don't write my entry in English.Well,I didn't mean to show off,just want to improve my English.
Well viewers,I could sense that my heart is getting to miss my ummi and ayah in Malaysia.Huh...I tell you~no joke at all.

I still remember,during our day's off,my ayah always said,"jom gi kbmol...tokpun tesco!!"
Ummi would reply,"dgn syarat,tokleh kaco pagi tu.ummi nok kemas rumoh,basuh baju"(eventhough the house is completely clean..'coz my mother is hygienic!).Well,my brother and I just followed the flow...haha because all we care are we won't spend any money.That was the best thing for us.

How I miss that moment and I partially suffer in remembering that memory(....including other memories,of course).
Staying and studying in a nation that is thousands miles away from my beloved country really make me to apperciate the rabithah(kizuna a.k.a bond) between me and my family.

Actually,what I get from this,alhamdulillah,we are getting closer and more concern to each other.For example,my father always sends me sms like 'renungan jumaat','teka teki' and jokes.Suprisingly,he sends for me everyday,and mostly at 2 a.m..@__@

So friends.Eventhough you are far away or close to your family,always apperciate them because you are going to miss their laughs,smiles,talks,neglections...and many more especially when they are not right beside you.

As our deen,Islam,teaches us to raise up the love between our family members.
Like who?
Like Rasulullah,who was succeed in becoming a great husband,a great father and a great leader to his family.

As we can see,one of the results,how saidatina Fatimah really obeyed to his father.She always be at his father side and cleaned whenever his body was contimated and hurt that done by Quraisy.
And saidatina Khadijah always supported his beloved husband eventhough she had to sacrifice everything,her properties,things,money, surviving her faith to Islam.'s all came from the tarbiyyah that tought by our prophet.

Okay,that's all for now!
For my family,I miss all of you and my heart always say I Love you ummi,ayah and Loh!


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