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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year....and pass??

Assalamualaikum everyone..

Okay...I know that all of you realize that we really-really getting closer to new year.And again,we leave the pass...Alhamdulillah,say thank you to Allah because He still bestows us with His great blessing,giving us chance to breath for the next day.And,we as His servants,has to feel grateful for the age that has been given,because He still give us life so that we could fulfill with goodness deeds.

But my sahabat,as we move our step for the next year,do we really take our pass as our best teacher or as lesson to us?
Will we forget the pass,then just let it ago...gone by the wind(copied by RAM's novel hehe..)?
The pass that I mention is the victory that we gained a long~long time ago.When our last prophet,Rasulullah S.A.W.,spread Islam for 23 years.And when Khulafa' Rasyidin continued their to raise up Islam.And continued by others...

What I want to convey is do not ever forget their hardwork to make sure Islam is always alive...and the result,we still can taste the pleasure of Islam.Subahanallah..
As Shabab Muslim,we have to unite to become strong in order to strengthen our ukhwah and to lighten up Islam because...who else?

'Till now,let say Thank You Allah and pray to Him so that we are blessed and never astray from the right path,as nowadays,there are more challenges and trials that would test our faith.So,be careful and insyaAllah,our faith will be always istiqamah in His Laws.


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lead me to jannah

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